Tuesday, July 02, 2013

New Goodies to Pamper Yourself

During the summer, skin is exposed to heat, sun, humidity, saltwater, chlorine, sweat, and lots of other nasty things.  The result of this exposure?  Dried out skin in need of some TLC.  Thankfully, there are tons of great products out there to help your skin get hydrated.  Here are two new products to check out...
LULAHLulah is a new fashion-fragrance brand, created by the parent company, Thymes. Inspired by today's stylish woman, Lulah features a fresh, flirty, fun assortment of strikingly luxe aromatics and skin-enhancing ingredients. Thoughtfully crafted and wonderfully irresistible, Lulah provides sophisticated fragrances at everyday prices. The Lulah Collection includes lushly enticing body wash, body lotion, body mist and hand cream. Available in Peony, Magnolia Fig, Vanilla Orchid, Citron and Tamarind Ginger, this collection ranges from $9-$13.

I really like the Vanilla Orchid body lotion.  It has enough of a fragrance to be noticed, but it is light, fresh, and quite lovely.  I've been using it after I shave, and my legs are thanking me!
Vermont Soap has expanded its popular organic bath and body collection to include a new Choco-Luscious Organic Skin Smoothie. The new moisturizer is easily spread and absorbed and doesn’t leave a greasy feel or film. Certified organic ingredients include coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax and rosemary extract. According to Vermont Soap Founder Larry Plesent, “Your skin will love you for it! And you’ll smell choco-yummy too!”

I adore cocoa butter and this product works really well on tough places like elbows, knees, and heels. I used to live in Vermont and have visited Vermont Soap on occasion.  Their products are great, and I love giving money to smaller companies.

If your skin needs some TLC this summer, be sure to check out these products!

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