Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Going Coastal

Now that the cold weather is behind us, I am really looking forward to spending time at the beach.  When I was a kid I spent every summer at my grandparents' boardwalk and oceanfront condo in Ocean City, MD.  Now as an adult, I have access to my parents' beach house on the Pacific Ocean in Washington State.  I feel like I need to see the ocean on a regular basis to keep from going crazy.

I love everything about the ocean: the sound of the wave, the smell of the sand, the cool breezes off the water.  I love the way my skin smells after spending the day at the beach: a combination of suntan lotion, sand, sun, and saltwater.  It's perfect.

When I am not at the beach, I like to have things around me that remind me of my carefree beach days.  I have tons of sand dollars, tumbled rocks, and a jar filled with sea glass.  I also like using products that smell like the beach, whether it's a candle, a body cream, or a room spray.

Thymes has a new line of household and personal care products that have an amazing beach smell, their new Azur line.  Reminiscent of the ocean breeze, this collection has notes of white tea, white pepper and moist water lily combined with scents of jasmine blossoms, fruity bergamot and fresh green herbs. It's a refreshing scent that I just love.  Click here to check out the Azur line of products and pick some up to add some oceany goodness into your routine!

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