Wednesday, May 01, 2013


As I mentioned in my shampoo review on Monday, I am a bad girl and I wash my hair every single day.  I've tried going every other day, but I always go back to my daily habit.  I've also tried my share of dry shampoos, and I either don't know how to use them correctly, or I just hate them.  I'll stick with the hatred theory.

Since I'm trying out samples, I decided to give a bottle of  Serge Normant Meta Revive Volumizing Dry Shampoo with Cedar Bark a go.  I did this on a Sunday when I knew I was staying in and I didn't care what my hair looked like.

I've tried shampoos from Serge Normant in the past and have always been underwhelmed.  However, I was hoping that somehow my past experience with the brand AND my negative experiences with dry shampoos in general would disappear and that the Serge Normant Dry Shampoo would somehow be the magical product I never knew I needed.

Boy was I wrong.

I followed the directions to a T and gave my scalp and hair an enthusiastic spray.  The scent almost knocked me over.  It was harsh and too was a smell that got trapped in my dirty hair so that I could not escape it.  The dry shampoo itself left my hair much too volumized.  It felt like a thick rat's nest made of overly perfumed rope.  It was difficult to get a brush through my sprayed hair, and it just hung down around my shoulders--poofy and limp at the same time.  My hair felt heavy, my scalp still greasy, and everything was bound by the overly fragrant scent.  It was a disaster and all I wanted to do was wash my hair properly.

Needless to say, this sample went right in the trash.  It seems as though my luck with Serge Normant and dry shampoo is all bad.  Oh well...I'll stick to my daily washing.  

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