Thursday, May 30, 2013

Product Preview: Foreo Luna

Instead of a Beauty Product of the Week review today, I am going to introduce you to a new face cleansing, anti-aging tool that just might give other facial brushes a run for their money: the Luna by Foreo.

What is it?
The Luna is can be used to both clean your face and help fight the signs of aging.  Here's some more info...

Activate your skin’s natural potential with just 2 minutes of use both morning and night. By applying pulsations that have been shown to improve blood flow by up to 450%, the Luna delivers sophisticated facial care that revitalizes skin and melts away the signs of aging.

The Luna’s gentle Cleansing Mode provides the essential foundation for any facial care regime. The Luna's Anti-Aging Mode works by gently directing low-frequency pulsations beneath the skin’s surface, relaxing facial muscles and promoting cell renewal, leaving your skin looking smooth, luminous and naturally youthful.

Fitting seamlessly into your daily routine, the Luna clears away dead skin cells, opens pores and drives out dirt, oil and makeup residue. The result is a much deeper clean than washing by hand, enhancing the benefits of your favorite skincare products while preserving your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Regular use not only promises a fresher, more radiant complexion right from the start, it also lays the foundation for a lifetime of younger, healthier-looking skin.

How does it work?
Transdermal sonic pulsations, rather than standard oscillation, gently stimulate blood flow beneath the skin’s surface, cleansing from the inside out and smoothing away the signs of aging in a similar way to the Botox effect. Nonabrasive brush surfaces made from soft, smooth silicone – the first of their kind - making it ultra-gentle and actually pleasant to use on the skin.

The promise?
So effective, you notice a visible difference in skin tone after just 3 days, and your face will feel softer and invigorated after just one use. Organic design – 100% waterproof, fully rechargeable for 450 uses at a time, and it looks beautiful as well!

First impressions
I'll give you a full review later--after some more uses.  I have used this a couple of time so far, and here's what I noticed:
  • It is easy to use.  Much like my Sonicare toothbrush, it seems to have a built-in timer, so you know how long you're working on a particular area and when you need to move on.
  • Since it is waterproof, you can use it in the shower, making it convenient for use in the morning when I am pressed for time.
  • It is gentle.  
  • It seems to make my skin feel smoother when I'm done with it.
  • So far, I like it!  As I said, I'll let you know more after a longer test period.
More information is online.  I'll tell you more about my experiences later!

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Annie said...

This looks interesting. I havent bought the clairsonic because it seems so expensive. does this work? is it worth it?