Monday, April 29, 2013

This is a Test...

Two cute samples in their Birchbox.
 In the spirit of Spring Cleaning, I've decided to dig though my Birchboxes and other samples and start trying some of my mountains of stuff out. To start, I tried two shampoo samples from Birchbox: Amika color pherction shampoo and Lumiere d'hiver Clarifying Shampoo.

I tend to favor Pantene for daily use...and yes, I do wash my hair every single day (I know it's not good, but I do it anyway...we're all sinners deep down!).  Lately I've been using Pantene Ultimate 10 shampoo and conditioner.  It leaves my hair clean and looking somewhat decent and I have no complaints.

Both of the shampoo samples I tried did not come with conditioner, so I used a little bit of the Pantene Ultimate 10 conditioner with each shampoo.

First up,  Amika color pherction shampoo, $22 for a full size.
Here's what Birchbox says about it: The hair experts at amika went to the ends of the earth to source this color-friendly shampoo. It contains Siberian sea buckthorn berry oil, which is loaded with omega acids and vitamins to promote hair health. The silky shampoo sinks into each hair follicle to quench dryness and repair damage. The sweet scent comes courtesy of wild cherry extract.

My thoughts: On first use, I did not like the scent.  It was way too sweet for me and seemed cloying.  Not good, since I prefer a more clean or neutral scent.  The shampoo didn't lather well and when I dried my hair, it didn't look particularly clean, shiny, or good.  My hair felt heavy all day--very greasy and stringy.  Not good.  Thankfully, this was just a sample, because for me it is a huge NO.

Next up:  Lumiere d'hiver Clarifying Shampoo, $32 for a full size
Here's the Birchbox description: At the end of a long week we could all use a fresh start—the same goes for our hair. When product buildup and styling stress leave your locks feeling dull, use Number 4 Hair Care Clarifying Shampoo, subtly scented with white freesia, golden amber, and warm musk, to gently cleanse without stripping moisture or color.

My thoughts: I was prepared to hate this shampoo.  It says right on the bottle that it is a low lather formula, and I do love a good lather.  At first, I thought it had a too-floral scent, but it grew on me as I washed.  While the shampoo didn't lather as well as Pantene, it did give enough lather to make me feel like my hair was being cleaned.  After styling, my hair looked full, healthy, and much better than it did with the Amika product.  Despite the spendy price and my initial reservations, I give this a thumbs up.

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