Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mascara Review, Day 3

I've been trying out three different mascaras this week.  This is my third and final mascara review.

So I've told you about Physician's Formula Organic Wear Mascara and Pop's Peak Performance offering.  Today we're focusing on Double Ego by Pür Minerals.

About Double Ego
Pür Minerals’ limited-edition, dual-action mascara features a unique adjustable wand that lets you dial up the amount of volume and length you want, with a simple twist of the barrel. Featuring a water-resistant, fiber and clump-free formula with lash-conditioning vitamin E, Double Ego lengthens and thickens like never before in a dramatic, jet black.  Available at Ulta for $21.

My Experience
I love the idea of multi-tasking beauty products, and this dual action mascara is pretty awesome.  It's easy to use--you just twist the handle to extend the length of the wand.  With the wand at this longest, you get longer lashes.  When the wand is at its shortest, fattest point, you end up adding fullness to your lashes.  Some days, you want your lashes super long.  Other days, you want them to be thick and lovely.  This one mascara gives you both--and an inbetween option.  I've tried both the lengthening and volumizing options, and they're both excellent. 

Final Thoughts
This mascara is a keeper!  I typically complain that you have to choose between lengthening and volume when buy a mascara.  Double Ego allows you to have both.  Nice!

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