Monday, April 15, 2013

Eau de WHAT?

Happy Monday! I am on Spring Break this week, so I am free from work.  I really need a break--work has been beyond stressful and we've had a serious health scare on the home front, leaving me feeling overextended and frayed. Like I said, I need the break!

So--how was your weekend? I was flipping through the Groupon Goods yesterday morning, and came across the strangest product: babyGUND Eau de Cologne Gift Sets.  Take a look at this picture:
Now read the description:
babyGUND Eau de Cologne Gift Sets babyGUND’s playful eau de cologne gift sets nestle feminine fragrances and cuddly plush toys into a clear plastic carrying case. Women can mollify babies or raging houseplants with the bottle’s finger-puppet cap as they spritz on the alluring scent. A plush barking dog toy completes the sweet-smelling ensemble.
3.4-ounce alcohol-free eau de cologne scent for women
Barking plush dog toy and finger puppet bottle top
Comes in a clear plastic carrying case with colorful piping and plaid lining

So...I have questions.  1) Is this product for women?  2) Is this product for children? 

If it is for women, what woman wants a perfume that's packaged in some baby-friendly package?  I don't want stupid looking puppy dogs on my perfume bottle.  This is ridiculous to me...are moms really that trapped in the baby-friendly world that even their beauty products have to appeal to their tots?

If this product is for kids, it's just plain stupid.  Kids don't need to be wearing perfume. 

Ugh. This product both confuses and angers me.  WTF?


Katy Fish said...

I personally hate, when they are targeting children like that. Now they will grow up in a consume way of life and then they will end up like this. ... But if it's for adults, then it's ok.

Katy Fish said...

Hi, I just like your blog and as a student of psychology I hate target marketing at children.

Lydia said...

Katy: I completely agree. If it's designed for kids...or to appeal to's pretty gross.