Thursday, April 04, 2013

Beauty Product of the Week: Boo Boo Gel

What is it? Boo Boo Gel from Painted Earth is "a true skin fixer!! For quick relief, this natural anti-inflammatory will sooth, heal, and nourish your skin. Preventative treatment as well as anti-aging for the skin and body and blemish banishers keeps troubled skin clean and clear. It dramatically reduces the appearance of pores. Trials have proven that this potent active formulation has superior healing qualities and capabilities. All Natural and Organic. This product is made in the USA, cruelty-free, free of animal byproducts."  Available online for $25.

What did you think? My husband's had a ton of stress at work lately, and had a patch of pretty bad breakouts on his forehead.  I tried the Boo Boo Gel out on him to help tame the inflammation.  The results were pretty awesome.  The next day, the redness was all but gone, making is breakout barely noticeable. He was happy with the product, saying that it felt like it worked quickly and felt good going on.

Boo Boo Gel smells good and has just enough of a medicinal sting to it to make you know it's doing something.  I'm tempted to store this in the fridge, because I think that it would feel even better if it were cool on the skin, but what do I know?

I've been using this as a pore minimizer this week and am very satisfied with the results.  A little goes a long way, so my tub of Boo Boo Gel should last a while...though I'm sure I'll find a million different uses for it!

Final verdict? This is a keeper! You can use it to fight wrinkles, calm stressed skin, and treat minor scrapes.  Now that better weather is here, I'll be shaving my legs a lot more, and that means I'll have plenty of nicks and cuts to use Boo Boo Gel on!  Seriously, it seems to work quickly and easily, taming inflamed skin and reducing pores, so I'll be keeping this one in my bag of beauty tricks.


Ariel Perks said...

Hi Lydia! After reading your post, I got interested with this amazing product. I will also recommend this to my husband. Anyway, can it also be used as a treatment for slight sunburns?

Unknown said...

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Lydia said...

Hi Ariel,
I don't see why not! It would certainly feel good, especially if you stash it in the fridge first!

Kaia Vanari said...

Really interesting product and so many uses. Will try to get some of it to try too if they deliver it to my country. Would like to try it with my dermaroller to soothe redness.