Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Land of Good and Bad

So...are you on Pinterest? It seems like everyone is, and everyone's pinning everything.  I use Pinterest in fits and starts.  I can go weeks without looking at it and then spend hours pinning and lurking.  It's a rabbit hole.

Overall, I am pretty ambivalent about Pinterest.  It seems both good and bad.

Super yummy Pinterest Dijon Maple Thighs...try them!
 The Good
  • You can learn stuff.  Seriously.  I like to check out beauty tips on Pinterest. If you ever had questions on how to do your hair, you'll find a zillion tutorials.  Yay!
  • Recipes. Figuring out what to cook every night is exhausting. Thankfully, there seem to be a million recipes to try out--all with photos and insight right on Pinterest.
  • You can satisfy your need for the new and shiny.  Want to see what's trendy? Just head over to Pinterest.  

Nice claws. Seriously...who wants nails like this? Super tacky.
The Bad
  • It's an echo chamber. Seriously.  Who creates half of these pins originally?  It's weird how often you see the same pins pop up over and over. Are there really only a dozen pins on pin-up makeup?  I think not!
  • Pinterest Nails. Do you really have time to bust out tiny pieces of masking tape to create overly crafty nails?  Do you really want to have such ridiculous elaborate nails?  Really?  Are you under the age of 20?  Because Easter egg-colored, polka dot, zigzag nails are really not appropriate for most grown ups.  Maybe I'm just cranky, but I am so not a fan of nail art.
  • Chevrons.  When did chevrons become the new thing?  If you're a Pinner, you're bombarded with chevron this, chevron that all over the place.  Please.


Takekawa said...

Look at the chicken look like having good taste. And shimmering too, want to make it someday. Anyway, you have great nail polish and how you make that pattern?

Kelly Williams@thebeautyreviewer.com said...

The nails or the claws is just too sexy! I love the the print in your index and in your thumb. so classy!

Prakash said...

These are very cute and sexy photos

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