Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Cleaning: What's Lurking in Your Tool Kit?

Confession: I do not clean my makeup tools as much as I should. If you're like me, it's time to clean yourself up. Brushes and makeup tools are expensive, and regular care and cleaning will help protect your investment.

Here's a quick overview of what to do to keep your tools in beautiful condition.

Before you opt for a huge spring clean, start with some good behavior.  After using your brushes, wipe off the excess makeup before storing.  And speaking of storing--be sure to keep your brushes stored properly in a kit or case.

When you're ready to really clean your brushes, you can either use a commercially prepared cleaner or just use a mild shampoo (baby shampoo is good) and some water. Clean brushes well, using lots of rinses of water.  You want the water to ultimately run clear.

After you're done, take the time to reshape the brush to it's normal shape.  Allow the brushes to air dry with the bristles up.

It is very easy to forget to care about your tweezers. While you may not need to clean them per se, you do need to maintain them.  After regular use, they tend to lose their sharpness.  Most knife stores will resharpen them for you to keep them in primo working order.

Makeup case/bag
After you've taken the time to go through your makeup stash, you should also clean out your makeup bag.  The bottom of my bag is often littered with fuzz, shavings from eyeliner, and other random junk.  Empty all of that crud out and take the time to clean the lining the best you can, again allowing it to dry before you toss everything back in!


Julie L said...

Great post! I will surely follow these tips with regards to my makeup tools. We truly need to do these things for the safety of our skin. Will def do it this coming weekend.

Kelly Williams@thebeautyreviewer.com said...

I always have a make up case/kit inside my bag. Inside that kit are my lipsticks, powder, and all the sorts! This helps me know where to get all my makeup products in one scoop.

makyaj said...

nice post. brushes is so important for make up.
thanks for great share.

Sue Ann said...

Great Post Lydia,
I used to bet on a brush until the bristles fell out LOL
I realized if you pay just a little extra for the right tools - It pays off BIG in the long run..
Thanks : )

Marie Dolinar said...

Thank you for all these tips! I usually don't have the time to clean my makeup kit, but with this I realized that they are important to me and that, I should always keep them clean. I should always have the time for my makeup kits to be organized, as well as my brushes, clippers, and etc. Thank you so much!