Monday, January 14, 2013

Girls-Inspired Nails

So...Girls is back on HBO.  And, this is so not news, but whatever, there is a nail polish line to go with the show.  Yes, thanks to Deborah Lippman, your nails can now be painted in HANNAH, a "Hapless Hunter Green," MARNIE,  a "Prim And Proper Pink,"  SHOSHANNA, a "Virtuous Vivid Violet," or JESSA, a "Bohemian Burgundy."  Click here to for details...because, well...I don't know why you would. you watch Girls? What do you think?  I watched the first season and will certainly watch the second.  At first, I thought the whole thing sort of cringe-worthy and unrelatable.  I am not a 20-something, I do not live in Brooklyn, I do not aspire to be a hipster, and I have never been an adult who was financially supported by my parents.  I am not in the desired demographic, but as I continued to watch the show, I was oddly hooked.  It's not my life (thank god!), but it's an interesting place to escape to...for 30 minutes at a time.

If I had to pick a color from this collection, I'd pick Jessa.  I guess I'm boho after all.


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