Sunday, December 16, 2012

Have Poof, Will Shower

There are some people who love winter. They like to ski and snowboard and walk in the snow. They like to ice skate and drink hot cocoa while wearing cute Alpine sweaters. Maybe you're one of these people. I, certainly, am not. I much prefer less extreme seasons like fall or spring. Here in Washington State, Winter means short days and long, dark, often cold nights. I am not a fan.

Winter also means dry, forced hot air; air that wreaks havoc on our skin. I don't know about you, but in the winter months my skin becomes itchy and unbearably dry. I tend to get these awful patches dryness on my stomach and my chest; it's the strangest thing. What's worse is that I find myself scratching all day long, trying to relieve some of the awful itchiness. And that only makes things worse. It's enough to drive a girl mad.

So what can we do? In my opinion the secret to good winter skin starts in the shower. During winter months, it may be tempting to treat yourself to super hot showers. God knows I love a good steamy shower! But you just can't do that. You have to turn down the temperature and take cooler showers. Super hot water will only aggravate dry skin making matters much, much worse.

Another hint? Toss out your soap! That bar of soap does nothing but make skin dry. Instead, replace it with a body poof and some moisture rich liquid soap, a body wash. I suggest the Dove line of products. Their body washes include rich moisturizers, they're creamy, and they leave you clean and ready for your day. Plus they won't break the bank.

My last tip for keeping your skin moist during dry, awful winter months is to take some time to find a really decent moisturizer for your entire body. Try to find one with a sent you like, that doesn't compete with your other fragrances, and use it liberally. After every shower, take the time to give yourself some body love with really decent moisturizer. Some good choices here are body butters from the Body Shop, or almost any brand at your local Target or big box store. You want to find something that works well with your skin type and that provides enough moisture without leaving you feeling greasy.

By taking a cooler shower, throwing out your bar of soap, and finding a good body moisturizer, we can all survive winter without flaky, itchy, dry skin. What's your favorite tip for keeping beautiful during the winter months?

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Anonymous said...

As a trained aesthetician and just my experience..from what you said is shower, exfoliate, moisturize another thing though for dry skin is after moisturizing apply a silicone or oil to keep moisture in. I use baby oil vaseline works good too! I've recommended it too many and they are just suprised that it works so well.