Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of the World Pampering

"They" say the world is going to end tomorrow, December 21st. "They" are prepping for zombies, earthquakes, the sun exploding, and the UN taking over the world. I say it's a bunch of hogwash. Nothing's going to's going to be Y2K all over again (remember that?).

If the world is really going to end, I at least want to go out looking and feeling good. To that end, I decided to get myself a mani/pedi today. Now, both my fingernails and toenails are festive shades of red, making me ready for the apocalypse and the pending holidays.

I never get manicures. I just do my nails myself, usually on Sunday night, and usually with a high level of messiness. I didn't feel like messing with my fingernails today, so I opted for my first ever shellac mani. I'm hoping it lasts a good long time. Here's my question to you: have you done a shellac mani? If so, how long can you go before getting a chip?

Happy end of the world eve. See you all tomorrow...or will I?

1 comment:

frances yates said...

I just love your end of the world treatment! lol. Such a ways to go out looking beautiful. Now what is a Shellac mani...what's different from the usual mani??