Wednesday, November 07, 2012

What Does James Bond Smell Like?

Why, Mr. Bond...what a big gun you have there!
I’m not a huge fan of James Bond movies, but I will agree that James Bond is played by a consistently hot man. The character himself oozes confidence, and, according to my husband, confidence can make an average person appear sexier than normal.

The latest 007 movie is hitting the theaters this weekend. If you ever wondered what James Bond might smell like, you’re in luck: there’s a new men’s fragrance hitting the market: James Bond 007 Fragrance, described by by GQ Magazine as, “The most dangerously sophisticated fragrance in the world”.

I received a sample of this and it smells pretty darn good.  It's masculine and clean, plus the bottle design is cleaver.  My husband never wears cologne, but he liked the way this smelled and would consider wearing it--if I helped him apply it.

Here's the thing about men and fragrance (and women and fragrance, for that matter): a little goes a long way.  Let me repeat that, because I think it needs to be said twice: A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY.  I HATE it when men wear so much cologne that you can smell them all the way down the hall. It always makes me wonder what they're trying to cover up, and the options aren't pleasant to consider.  However, if a man has a more subtle, light-handed approach to fragrance, the result can be....intoxicating for lack of a better word. Sadly, the only man I know who wears cologne--a man who shall remain nameless--wears so much of it that you can taste it.  Literally.  It turns my stomach whenever I smell his scent.  Men and women: tt's better to apply just a squirt or two to your pulse points.  That's a squirt or two more.  Don't spray it until you can smell it--you get used to your fragrance and require more of it to be noticable to your nose.  The goal is to have only those who get very close to you smell your fragrance.  It does not need to be broadcast to the world.

Ok--lecture on fragrance over.  In the meantime, let's get back to the scent at hand: James Bond 007 eau de toilette.  The Bond franchise turns 50 this year, and good old 007 is looking, and smelling, damn good for his age. Check out the website for details!

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