Thursday, November 08, 2012

Beauty Product of the Week: Orgasm

What is it? Orgasm blush by NARS “makes cheeks blush a perfect pinky-peach flush and subtly highlights with accents of golden shimmer. The perennially pleasing, universally flattering shade is again and again a makeup artist and beauty editor favorite.”  Available at Sephora and Department Stores for $28.

What did you think?  It’s funny how some products, like Clinique’s Black Honey, look great on almost everyone.  Orgasm is one of these “universally kick-ass” products.  The shade looks bright—almost too bright!—in it’s packaging, but when it goes on, it does magical things. 

I am very fair skinned, and I always worry if I am wearing too much blush.  With Orgasm, I don’t worry.  The shade is flattering, providing enough color on my cheeks to give the rest of my face a healthy glow.  It really does leave my skin looking naturally pretty—not overly done.

This is a makeup bag staple (I honestly can’t believe I haven’t featured it on my blog before today!) that I never regret picking up.  Sure $28 may seem pricey for a blush, but remember: a little goes a long way and it will last you a good while.  Plus, did I mention how kick-ass and flattering this blush is?!

The final verdict?  This has established a loyal following and cult beauty product status for good reason: it’s amazing.  If you need a new blush and aren’t sure what shade to go with, pick up Orgasm and call it good.  You’ll look great!  And really…couldn’t we all use a good Orgasm on a regular basis?

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Interesting name... I use a lot of Nars. Its a great product.