Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Product Review: Yes To...

This is going to be short....

A few weeks ago, I told you that my husband (with his long, flake-prone hair) was going to try out the Yes to Carrots line of anti-dandruff hair care products.  He did...and I tried them to.  Here's all you need to know: They're awesome!

Ok...I'll elaborate.  The shampoo and conditioner smell good.  I was worried that, because they contain tea tree, they'd have that weird tea tree stench.  But they didn' that was good.  The shampoo/conditioner combo left both my husband's hair and my hair so incredibly soft.  Seriously--it hasn't been that soft in ages.  I haven't had any issues with flakes (I typically don't...until the dead of winter), my husband hasn't had any dandruff issues.

We also tried out the serum.  This one falls under the "little goes a long way" category.  But once you figure out how much you can use on your hair, it does a nice job of fighting frizz and leaving hair shiny and silky.

So when it comes to Yes to Carrots, I enthusiastically say HELL YES.

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Sadie Rostron said...

Definately going to try these out, they sound really good! :)