Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meet Apothederm

Being a "beauty blogger" has it's pros and cons.  One very cool part of this is that I get to try out all kinds of products.  It's even cooler when the products are good.  Recently, a company called Apothederm sent me some products from their skincare line to try out.

Apothederm is (for me) a local company.  It's located in the same town where I work, just outside of Seattle.  Yay for the locals!  Apothederm have put 20 yeas of research and development into their targeted skin care products that are designed to help stimulate and restore the skin's functions.  They have three lines of products: Anti-Aging, Brightening and Acne, and Body.

I've been giving the following anti-aging products a try.  All the anti-aging products help moisturize while reducing visible signs of aging.

Moisturizing Cleanser, $28: This is gentle on skin but tough on makeup and impurities.  It leaves my face feeling clean but not stripped of it oils, so that's good!  It also contains vitamins A, C, and E to help protect the skin.

Moisturizing Cream, $50: For use in the morning and at night, this moisturizer feels rich but not heavy.  It has SmartPeptide technology that targets fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness.  This moisturizer makes my skin feel very soft, and I love that I can use the same product as a day cream and a night cream (don't you hate having to buy two separate product?!).

Firming Serum, $75: This is a bit spendy, but a little goes a long way.  Just like the cream, it can be used morning and night before applying moisturizer.  This serum is designed to firm and tighten using SmartPeptide technology.  It's non-irritating (unlike some serums) and it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. 

Hydrating Eye Cream, $40: When it comes to eye cream, you want to apply as little as possible. The skin around the eyes is thin and fragile, so there's no need for anything heavy  This cream feels light and absorbs well, targeting puffiness and dark circles.  You don't need to use a ton of this stuff, so I bet a tube of it will last a good long time.

Check at Apothederm at their website. If you're wanting to give their anti-aging products a try, check out their anti-aging system kit for $165.

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