Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Great Pumpkin

Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving...that all means its time for PUMPKIN!  Seriously, pumpkin is everywhere. From Starbucks to Pinterest, it's impossible to dodge.  But that's ok.  Pumpkin is healthy, tasty (when done right) and it smells good.  Plus it can be incorporated into your beauty routine.  So...let's embrace this season;s most bountiful squash and check out a few awesome pumpkin products:

 Philosophy Pumpkin Pie 3-in-1: Homemade pumpkin pie shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath smells fresh from the oven as the rich, foaming lather gently cleanses and conditions skin and hair. It's a warm blend of pumpkin and spice that leaves skin and hair feeling ultra soft.

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Peel: This is a detoxifying peel for your face and neck.Utilizing pumpkin enzymes to easily and gently dissolve dead surface skin cells, this deep exfoliator stimulates cellular turnover, to reveal radiant skin that is supple and naturally hydrated. Age-fighting anti-oxidants and vitamin A help protect, nourish, and repair skin. Plus it has a delicious, irresistible pumpkin scent.

Here's a fun fact to know about pumpkin: the scent of pumpkin (from a pie, a candle, etc.) is an proven aphrodisiac for men.  So get things revved up and bust out a nice pumpkin candle.  Who knew Yankee Candle could help you score?!

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