Wednesday, October 24, 2012

For the Cure

I have a lot of weird apprehension about the big October push for all the "pink for the cure" products that flood the shelves.  Buy this iron!  It's pink!  It's for breast cancer.  Huh?  Really?  I just don't get it.  I also have issues with the entire Komen foundation--I'm sure they do good things, but they're also a big business with competing interests.  It's all very muddy and frightening.

I digress.  Let's just move on and look at two companies offering up special products "for the cure."  I'm not featuring them on my site because of their pink tie-in.  I'm featuring them because they're offering products I actually like:

Murad Hydrate for Hope Set
For just under $50, this kit includes Murad's Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisturizer and their Hydro-Dynamic Moisturizer for Eyes in a cute pink and white polka dot case.  Both products are great--they provide a tone of moisturizer and help revive tired skin and eyes.  10% of the sale of this product is donated to City of Hope.  Check the Murad site for details.

Japonesque Touch Tube Set
Less than $20 and available at Ulta, this set includes a lip brush, blush/powder brush, two eye detailers and a foundation brush all in a sleek, compact travel case.  It's hot pink color makes the set easy to find when it's in your messy makeup bag.  I am going to Vegas soon, and I'm definately packing this!  So great to have a travel pack of brushes.  $1 of the sale is going to Breast Cancer Awareness Research.

So....what do you think about pink "for the cure" products?  Are they a ripoff or smart consumerism?

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