Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beauty Product of the Week: Lovely Jubblies

What is it? Lovely Jubblies from Lush promises to, "Take care of your pair with our floral breast cream. Take care of your finest features with Mother Nature’s finest ingredients. Inspiring men and women alike, our rather brilliant breast cream is packed full of tightening meadowsweet infusion and firming tiger lily petals to help fight the forces of gravity. We add heaps of beeswax and organic oils of almond and avocado to soften your melons and keep them supple, (and to make it even harder to keep your fans at bay!) Smooth a generous amount over your d├ęcolletage area and leave your cleavage smelling like a fresh floral bouquet of orange blossom, rose, jasmine and ylang ylang." Available for about $25 from Lush.

What did you think? I read a stupid article on Huffington Post a few weeks ago about all the different things that can affect the look of your breasts.  One thing they said that helps improve the appearance and feel of your breasts over time is to use a daily moisturizer on them.  Now, I do tend to apply my moisturizer to my neck and chest, but not usually to my breasts.  When I got this product to test out, I was intrigued.

This cream has a nice scent...a bit nutty, not super flowery or over-powering.  I noticed that some people on Lush's site say it's very floral smelling. Maybe the batch I got was mixed a bit differently, but it wasn't overwhelming. It goes on cool and absorbs quickly so I don't have any lingering greasiness when I'm getting dressed. I apply it to my chest (decolletage area) and breasts and yes, it does make the skin feel smoother, firmer, and better.

I'm not going to get all TMI on you, but I will say that this is a husband approved product!

Final verdict? Love it!  I love Lush, and I love this product.  Ladies, we have boobs...we're lucky because everyone loves boobs.  So I say: show your boobs some love and try this out!  You'll like it.


Tippy said...

I love Lush! Looks like this one's a must-try product!

Marisha Wick said...

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CiaoBella said...

Oh, Lush is amazing!