Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When I first heard about Birchbox--a subscription service where you sign up and receive a box of makeup and skincare samples every month--I thought it was great.  So great that I quickly signed up for a year.  Every month, a lovely box came in the mail, filled with stuff.  It was awesome!  New products to try--YAY!  And then life happened, interest faded, and incorporating samples into my daily routine seemed like more of a chore than it was worth.

Boxes piled up.  Good intentions of "getting to it later" never happened.

Then my Birchbox auto-renewed without my notice and I'm on the hook for another year.  I checked and I can't cancel.  I'm all set to receive 12 more lovely boxes filled with stuff.


Not so much.  I'm bogged down in Birchboxes...overwhelmed by samples of products I probably won't buy in their full size, thing that--if I actually use--I'll probably just as soon forget.  Such is life.

But I'm on the hook for another year, so I have to just make the most of it.  Over the weekend, I sat down and went through all the boxes, sorting out the stuff I could try with stuff I'd never use.  I made a little box of products to try over the coming days and got to work.  I already have tons of products to try...the whole Birchbox thing is, well...exhausting.

Since I have 11 or so more beauty boxes headed my way, I am going to do my damnedest to try out the samples in the hopes of finding something I like.  Hell, maybe I'll do a monthly post about my latest box.  Sigh. 

Are you a Birchbox subscriber?  If so, how do you incorporate the samples into your daily beauty/makeup routine?  Let me know!

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