Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beauty Product of the Week: Perfect BB

What is it? 3Lab's Perfect BB SPF 40/PA +++ is "A sheer, wrinkle-reducing, brightening moisturizer. Improve and even your skin tone with 3LAB Perfect BB SPF 40. This regenerating moisturizer features bio-engineered growth hormone and apple stem cell technology, which work together to lift and tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles."  Available in three shades for $95.00.

What did you think? This was the first BB cream I ever used, and I was curious if I would like it.  After using it all Spring and Summer, I have to admit: I'm a believer!  This BB is very light and a little goes a very, very long way.  It evens out my skin tone, doesn't suffocate my skin, doesn't crease, bleed, slip, or act up, and it's not noticable. When I put it on, it improves my doesn't mask it or drastically change the color.  It just makes my skin look better.  My skin also feels better--smoother, more even.

I love that it has so much SPF added in it.  I am very fair skinned and I don't believe in tanning.  I used this in Hawaii and all summer long, and I'm happy to say that I avoided a tan even though I was out in the sun.  For me, pale is the new tan, so I am a sucker for products with built in SPF protection.

Now, here the part I hate: the price. $95 is a TON of money to spend on a BB cream and it is hard to justify.  If it were $30, I'd buy it without blinking because it makes my skin look good and feel good.  Plus I use so little that it makes the tube last for months.  But seriously.  $95?  Yikes!

Final verdict? I love this stuff!  I got is a freebie to try out, and damn!  I'm hooked.  It's so pricey, but a tube lasts for a good long time.  I just need to get over my sticker shock--or find something just as awesome for less. Ugh!


Lipstick Graffiti said...

Have you hunted for it on eBay or Sometimes I can find beauty items at a lower price on those sites.

I don't know if you remember me, since I got lax with my beauty blog for a while, but I have moved my beauty blog to Wordpress: I was glad to see you are still blogging!

Nancy@Permanent Makeup said...

seems good.. but i can't use liquid foundations as my skin is very oily.. i only use powder foundation.. i want to know if this is a great product for oily skin as well..?? thanks