Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beauty Product of the Week: Kukui Nut Body Cream

What is it? Alba's Kukui Nut Body Cream is a "deep moisturizing body lotion. One smooth encounter with this grand-luxe body cream and skin will go coo-coo for kukui. High in essential fatty acids and nutrients, kukui nut naturally softens and nurtures skin. We blend in vanilla, cucumber and arnica extracts, tropical oils and enriching shea and cocoa butters to lock in moisture for all day softness."  Available at big box stores (including some grocery stores) and online for less than $14 (you can probably find it for less than $10 if you look!).

What did you think? Until recently, I had never been to Hawaii.  I always poo-pooed the notion of vacationing there--it seemed sort of boring.  Then in December 2011 I went to Waikiki with my sister.  I finally understood the appeal of Hawaii.  And I liked it so much that I went back in April with my husband.  Hawaii is amazing.  It's so beautiful--the ocean is an unbelievable color, the weather is perfect, and everything is just so awesome.  I love it.

Since I've been back from Hawaii, I've been trying to incorporate more of Hawaii in my daily life.  I was excited to see Alba's Kukui Nut Body Cream for sale in an organic grocery store where I was shopping.  I snapped it up and haven't regretted the purchase.  The cream is so thick, but it doesn't feel heavy when it goes on.  And the smell?  So good!  It's nutty and nourishing.

My husband complained to me about having dry patches on his elbows.  I told him to try the Kukui nut after his shower--he did and his dry patches went away in less than a week.  Not bad!  I use it after I shave my legs and I just love how moisturized my legs feel.  Plus my skin smells very good after using it.  What more could I want from a moisturizer?

Final verdict?  Love it!  This is one of my new favorite body creams.  Once I work through my current container of lotion, I'll most likely buy it again.  It's killer!

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