Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beauty Product of the Week: Chubby Stick

What is it? Clinique's Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm is "a super-nourishing tinted lip balm. This gorgeous lip color treats lips to mouthwatering moisture and a hint of soft shine. It never needs sharpening—simply swivel up to reveal more of the balm." Available in 16 shades at Sephora and Clinique counters for $16.00.

What did you think? At first I wasn't so sure about this product.  The name is laughable, but let's just ignore that and move on to the product itself!  I was concerned that this would be drying or that it wouldn't go on well.  I was wrong on both accounts.  It's super easy to use--it's like one of those big, fat pencils little kids use when they're learning how to write.  It's surprisingly moist (ugh! Sorry for using that word--it's the only one that really describes how it feels!) and leave my lips super hydrated.

I am still trying to figure out if the color lasts long enough...I feel like it lasts for a good, long time, but I'm not sure if it just feels good and it feels like it's lasting a long time.  Regardless, the shade I selected (Bountiful Blush) is flattering and it makes me feel moisturized and happy.  That's all that matters, I suppose!

The final verdict?  I wish there were more colors available...or different colors...I had a hard time picking one to try! Despite that, I really do like this product.  Clinique makes my favorite lip product ever (Black Honey Almost Lipgloss), and this is a decent addition to their line.  I'm a fan...and I'm sure I'll be buying more of these again in the future.

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