Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Product Preview: 3Lab

I get plenty of beauty products to try out, but I think that taking great care of your skin is even more important than using the right foundation or the trendiest blush.  If your real skin looks amazing, you can use less makeup and you'll feel more confident.

I recently received a few products from 3Lab to try out.  First, let me tell you a little bit about the company.  3Lab offers "superior skincare straight from the lab. They use new, advanced formulas to target specific skincare concerns.  For example, they have a WW cream that promises to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while reversing natural aging process.  The secret ingredient?  Gold.

Here are the three products I'll be trying out:

For daytime and/or nighttime use, this lightweight formula is oil-free.  It's a gel that hydrates while giving a matte finish to help reduce shine.  I love the idea behind this.  I have combination skin, with oil areas in my T-zone and my chin.  But I also have dry patches on my cheeks, so hopefully I'll be able to use this one product to address both of my skin concerns.

This is really lightweight and blends quickly into the skin.  It contains antioxidants to defend against environmental damage while providing a fair amount of UV protection.  Because it's water-based, it really feels great on. It's a good base to wear under makeup, and I love the amount of SPF you get from this!

BB CREAM SPF 40, $95
I've been dying to try a BB cream, and this one seems to check all the boxes in "Lydia's List of Makeup Musts."  This is a very sheer tinted moisturizer that gives such an amazing amount of sun protection.  Plus it is designed to firm and lift the skin while helping to regenerate new cells, brighten skin, and moisturize.  It does it all!

3Lab products are pricey, but they use a lot of science and research.  They're available at Nordstrom, Barneys, and Bliss.  Click here for more store information. I'll report back soon and let you know what I think!


Tippy said...

All of the products sound good!!! We have the same skin type! Can't wait to hear from you!

x natasha x said...

cant wait to see how they work! hopefully they work well as they are very expensieve xx