Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sometimes I Suck...

Ugh.  Sometimes I really doubt my abilities in the world of beauty.  Sure, I know how to apply makeup and know what products I need to take care of my skin. But when it comes to doing my hair?  I completely and totally suck.  I would love, love, love for my hair to have healthy, casual waves.  Instead, my stupid hair is either stick-straight or wavy in a frizzy, messy way. 

I try to make my hair look nice.  I really do.  I use junk before I blow dry to protect my locks from the heat.  I still end up with a frizzy mess on my hands.  I've tried using curling irons to get soft, pretty waves.  What do I end up with?  More of a fried mess with bonus crimp lines.  Sexy!  It seems like no matter what I do, my hair ends up looking a fright.

So now I am turning to YOU, my friendly readers, and am asking for your help.  What advice do you have for someone like me who absolutely, positively SUCKS at doing her hair?  Is there a product I should be using?  Not using?  What's your curling iron technique?  I am in serious need of a little girl-to-girl advice (or as Tori Amos might say, I need a big loan from the girl zone).

Leave  me a comment and help me out!  God knows I need it!


the creation of beauty is art. said...

I wish I could help you out! Hair is definitely something I don't have the same skill set with.

StephieJ said...

Do you cut your hair often? Why not cut off the unhealthy bits.

Lysette Whitt said...

-Get a cut and go back once a month for a trim.
-Try not to wash your hair every day. Use a shower cap if you have to.
-Try using a leave in conditioner (My fave is Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave-in Damage Therapy Treatment) in place of your regular daily conditioner.
-Instead of rubbing your head with a towel after it's wet, try squeezing the water out with your towel or hand.
-Using frizz serums that you can put in your hair while it's damp and blow dry should tame a good portion of it depending on how much of it you have.
-If you are dyeing or bleaching your hair regularly, you might wanna stop lol More damage=more frizz

This is all I really know lol Hope it helped! :)

WitchHazel said...

It's funny you should post this bc I have a post sitting in my drafts about how I curl my hair. I'm almost done writing it so it should be up soon ;) I agree with Lysette about using a leave-in conditioner.. I use 'It's a 10!' Expensive, but WORTH IT!

Lydia said...

Thanks for all the tips! I think I need to go in for a trim...big time! That should help things out. WitchHazel: publish that draft! I need to check it out!

Lovingly said...

For cute soft curls:

Use a curling iron, but DON'T put the hair inside that place where you press the handle. (there is probably an appropriate name for this spot but i have no idea! lol)
Simply roll the hair around the barrel and hold the tip with your fingers. You'll get a really cute natural wave!

If you haven't tried that already, its worth a try. Do let us know how it went!