Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Product Preview: Lash Genius

Whenever I think of Anastasia Beverly Hills, I think of two things: brows and quality.  Of course, lately Anastasia has really been branching out and now makes a wide range of beauty products for the entire face.  The quality remains the same: solid. 

Coming soon is Anastasia's newest waterproof topcoat, Lash Genius.  This product will make your favorite mascara and make it waterproof with a few swipes.  It goes on top of your normal mascara and looks a little like a clear mascara.  It doesn't make lashes clumpy, doesn't feel heavy, and it doesn't harden your mascara. 

I don't normally wear waterproof mascara, but there are times when I should.  Some examples: when I'm at a wedding (I always cry!), watching a tearjerker, or listening to StoryCorps on NPR on my way into the office (those damn heart-warming stories get me teary every single time).  Seriously...listening to StoryCorp on NPR will make even the most cynical people burst into tears, and I've cursed my lack of waterproof mascara many a time.

Lash Genius gives you flexibility, which is nice.  It doesn't alter your normal mascara, but instead acts like a "umbrella" for your lashes.  Living in the soggy Seattle area, this is something I appreciate.

I've been trying out a sample of this, and so far, so good.  I like that I can't tell that I'm wearing it.  It also seems to last a good, long time, but since it's not heavy and clear, you could probably swipe on an extra coat if you're having an especially moist day (ew!  I hate the word "moist!"  Sorry about that!).

Anastasia's Lash Genius will be out (at Sephora!) in May 2012 and will sell for $21.  Check it out!

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WitchHazel said...

Anastasia is such a kick ass brand.. you can tell a lot of thought and care goes in to each product. Great review ;) I can't wait to try this out.

BTW, moist IS a terrible word, is it not? Lol.