Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hey, BB...What's Up?

Clinique's BB Cream, $37
I get a lot of magazines delivered to my house each month.  I read magazines on everything from cooking to yoga, house stuff to fashion.  So when I saw a few articles in different magazines about BB creams, I knew something was up.

In case you're not in the know, BB creams (the BB stands for Blemish Balm) have been used in Asia for a while now.  BBs provide a light amount of coverage and include good-for-you ingredients that supposedly protect and repair your skin.  BB creams are now flooding the US market, and can be used as either a primer or a foundation.  They typically have a higher level of SPF protection than normal foundations, and they also have a shimmery quality to them.
BB Cream by Bosica, $38

I played with the BB cream at the Clinique counter, and it seemed light but heavy at the same time.  I know...that makes no sense.  Let me rephrase it:  I think a little goes a long way in providing a light amount of coverage.  The translucent quality of the product is intriguing.  I am not a fan of sparkly makeup, so I wonder if the shimmer of BB creams would be too much for me.  I was told that Clinique's BB cream, though shimmery, doesn't promote shine, but I'd need to give it a test ride before I agreed with that statement.

BB creams are interesting...and there are tons on the market to pick from.  I just booked another trip to Hawaii in April, and I might grab a tube of BB cream to take with me.  I don't like to wear a lot of makeup when I'm on vacation, and I think BB cream may give me a lot of what I want when traveling: SPF protection, a little coverage, and only one tube to pack.  If I go this route, I'll let you know what I think.
Smashbox BB Cream, $39

Have you tried BB cream yet?  Let me know what you used and what you thought!


Anonymous said...

I love Maybelline BB cream. It is cheap and delivers light weight and good coverage! (I have acne prone skin).

luxuriouskin said...

Anxious to try it!
And I love your blog! :)