Monday, December 05, 2011

Ritual De Lo Habitual

I don't know about the rest of you, but during the week I am generally on auto-pilot...especially when I'm getting ready for work in the morning.  I seem to have developed a morning routine: get out of bed, brush my teeth, shower, layout my makeup, have breakfast, put on my makeup, blow dry my hair, get dressed and go to work.  Thrilling.  It's amazing how many steps it takes to get ready just to go to stupid work.
My makeup "mise en place."  Funny, this is all drugstore stuff!  It's different products every day.
Putting on my makeup--my warpaint!--before work is one of the more important things I do in the morning.  And I like to give it time since it's so important.  Getting all my products out and in place before I actually apply my makeup gives me a sense of peace on my hectic mornings.  That small act of creating a "makeup mise en place" grants me a moment to think about nothing important. It's dumb, but I like the sense of order and calmness I get from laying it all out. 

My cat, helping me get ready in the morning.  He's a furry makeup artist!
Also important to my morning ritual is my cat, Hugo.  He sits on the counter every morning as I get ready.  He likes to attack my brow brush and thinks eyeliner is really a cat toy in disguise.  He makes makeup application and hair drying all the more interesting (and at times, he drives me crazy!), but I like the company.

All told, I am out of bed, showered, made up, dressed and fed in about an hour and a half.  I know that sounds like a long time, but I love my long, hot showers.  How long does it take you to get ready?  What's your daily beauty ritual?


inmyhansonshirt said...

It takes me about an hour and a half to get ready as well. If I am going out for something special, two hours. It sounds like a really long time!

WitchHazel said...

During the week I am operating on half auto-pilot/half zombie-mode. I shower before bed because I like to get in to bed totally clean and I also like to either set or do my hair the night before.

In the morning I'm a mad woman.. I value sleep over ALL so even though I technically set the alarm to give myself an hour before I have to leave I hit snooze 15 times which whittles it down to 30.

Once my feet hit the floor (and the devil says 'Oh, shit!' lol) my routine is very tight.. 10 minutes to pee, brush teeth, wash face, 10 minutes to apply my base makeup - concealer, foundation, powder, matte powder, bronzer, blush and brows - and 10 minutes to fix/adjust my hair, get dressed, grab my things and hit the door. It's CRAZY.

At some point I either find time before work (in the parking lot) or at work (behind a door I can LOCK) to apply other basic stuff, like an inner corner highlight, liner, mascara, and lipstick.. which is why all my weekday looks are pretty much exactly the same.

I keep saying "I'm going to stop hitting snooze!" but I never do. I still get ready as frantically now as I did when I was 15 and running out the door for school. I'm never REALLY fully functioning until around 9-9:30.. I'm just not a morning person lol.

When I can take my time I like to take about 2 hrs (including shower, hair and makeup) to get ready.

I leave the longest comments ever, sorry! ;)

Beauty Box said...

Yeah I like the me-time I get when I put on makeup...I feel at peace when I take my time...;-) I take about 20 minutes...which sounds like a long time! that's just makeup and nothing else.