Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Waxing and Waning

I should say I'm sorry for not blogging so much lately.  I should call myself a bad blogger, but I won't...because I'm not.  I'm just like the rest of you: I'm a busy woman trying to do too much with too little.  

It's funny. I've been writing this blog since 2006.  I remember so clearly the day I decided to start writing here. I had a spark that sunny, warm Seattle day.  Blogging was so new, so exciting.  Since then, I've been a fairly consistent beauty blogger.  Sure, there are bigger, better, prettier, fancier beauty blogs out there, but (I hope) Kiss and Makeup has been plugging along, churning out beauty news and information at a pretty steady clip.
Just one of the many bags filled with beauty products I need to try.  An embarrassment of riches?

Then 2011 hit.  I am not sure what's going on with me this year, but I am experiencing a level of fatigue.  I'm weary of all the stuff associated with blogging: the bags of products to try; the email inbox filled and neglected.  There's just too much.  But if I entertain the notion of shutting down my blog and walking away from it all, I get a little melancholy.  The freedom of not blogging is appealing, but something always pulls me back to wanting to write.

This is my roundabout way of saying I am not giving up on my poor, neglected blog.  I still like writing about beauty products, style, and the fun, frivolous stuff that is part of being a woman. I still think about blog posts at weird, random times.  I'm just having trouble finding time to actually sit down in front of my computer to get everything out.

I don't get enough time in front of these damn keys!
This blog will continue, but I may ease up on myself a tad.  Instead of posts 4 times a week, I may crank out one or two or ten posts a week.  There may be long stretches of silence, but I am not going anywhere.  It's not time for me to close this puppy down, so for now I'll try to find bits of time to update.  Hang in there....I'm not done yet!


inmyhansonshirt said...

Totally understandable. There is a lot of work that goes into doing this. But keep hanging in there. <3

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