Monday, August 01, 2011

Ok...I'm Finally Back!! Lip Shimmer Winner Announced!

Good grief!  This summer was supposed include time for me to unwind, to relax and refocus.  Instead I feel like I've been behind the 8-ball and that I'm barely treading water.  So much for relaxation and regrouping. 

That's life, right? 

Anyway, I was supposed to be back to blogging last week, but I started off the week by cutting the crap out of my finger (I'm ok--I sliced through the center of my right middle-finger, so no 10-finger manis for the next couple of months!) and then spent the rest of the week getting caught up with work.  My blogging time was reduced to nothing, so I was unexpectedly silent.  Sorry about that. 

I have a bunch of loose ends to get to...and I have beauty news to share, of course.  So...I'm back.  I'm hoping to be on more of a routine with the blogging, but I hate to make promises at this point.  Life keeps getting in the way of my plans.  Hrmphf.

Here's one thing I'm horribly overdue on: announcing the winner of my Lip Shimmers Giveaway.  Drumroll, please...

The winner is:
Random number generated by  Horrible photo by my iphone!
Commenter #3: PhairHead!  I'll shoot you an email to arrange for delivery of your prize.  CONGRATS!

Ok--I'll be back with more this week, so stay tuned!


phairhead said...

hee! 3 is my lucky # too!! :D

DaphYin said...

Congrats! :)