Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Trends: Coral

Summer is supposedly just around the corner.  Here in Seattle, it seems like warm weather is NEVER going to get here, but I know that soon enough it will heat up to the point where I can bust out the short sleeves!  Summer's the time to lighten up when it comes to makeup, but it's also a time to embrace fun, lively colors.

This year, one big color trend is coral.  Coral's great because it gives a pop of color and looks great on almost everyone.  If you want to incorporate coral into your summer makeup bag, here are a few awesome options:

For your cheeks: Cargo BeachBlush in Coral Beach.  This product is great because it combines blush with bronzer.  It will give your face a soft, radiant glow and a nice depth of color.  It's a nice option for faking your tan and having some color on your cheeks.  Available at Ulta for $28.

For your lips: fresh Sugar Lip Gloss in Sugar Glory.  fresh lip gloss is light and lovely.  This shimmery coral feels natural, not sticky.  The color is subtle but flattering--perfect for your daytime look. Plus it contains SPF 15.  Available at Sephora for $18.

For your nails: Sephora by OPI in Let's Do Lunch.  This nail color is warm and wearable.  It's not the most exciting color in the world, but it's great for everyday.  It's especially lovely on darker skin tones and is worth checking out.  If you're looking for a more pink-hued coral, check Sephora by OPI in How Cute is That?  The name says it all!  Both are available at Sephora for $9.50.

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