Thursday, June 02, 2011

Beauty Product of the Week: Diamond Strength

What is it? Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Nail Hardener "Virtually ends splitting, cracking and peeling. Noticeably harder, stronger nails instantly. Grow healthy-looking nails in 5-7 days. Titanium and Micro-Diamond formula instantly bonds to strengthen and seal fragile nail layers with a virtually shatterproof, protective shield. Locks in moisture to nourish and help stop breaking so nails can grow."  Available at drugstores and big box stores for less than $7.00.

What did you think? I live in the Seattle area, a place not known for sun and warmth.  Even with Seattle's reputation for rain and gray days, this year has been especially cool and awful.  We haven't had a long stretch of warm-ish days since 2010, and because of this, the heat has been on in my house all year.  Forced, artificially warm air tends to be drying, and for some reason, my nails have taken the brunt of the dry air damage.  Since the winter, my nails have been peeling and fragile, despite the fact that I take my calcium daily like a good little girl.

One particularly bad nail day, I rushed over to my local Rite Aid to pick up a bottle of GNC's Nail, Hair and Skin, and decided to check out the nail product aisle.  Everything was on sale (nice!), and I grabbed a bottle of Diamond Strength to give even more aid to my terrible nails.

The clear polish goes on super easily.  It's not too thick, not too runny.  And it dries very fast (perfect if you're like me and don't have all day to let your nails dry).  My nails improved quickly--in a few days, I noticed less splitting.  In a week, there was more growth.  After 10 days, my nails look long, strong, and a million times better than they did when I bought the bottle.

The only negatives are: 1) a slightly strong, off-putting smell (but that's nail polish for you!) and 2) some bubbling when I used a nail polish over this.  Not sure if I did something wrong (which is probably the case), but the bubbles were annoying.

Final verdict? Nice product, well worth the price.  My nails were a disaster, and after a week of using this, they looked so much better. Sally Hansen's nail products are affordable, easy to located, and actually do what they say they will.  What more could you want?


socialitedreams said...

oh, thanks so much for this nails have been acting a right fool lately and this sounds like a great treatment to use for them!


Nav said...

Good review, i need this treatment! :)