Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beauty Product of the Week: Belle De Jour White Lotus Mask

What is it? The Belle De Jour White Lotus Mask from Kenzo will "offer the skin special moments of pleasure and rest. 10 minute application, and the White Lotus alchemy, enriched for this mask, sets to work and quickly reinforces the daily benefits of Belle De Jour. The mask's rich, creamy texture is enhanced by the brush provided which stimulates and soothes the skin at application. Wraps the skin inside a bubble, restoring its optimal balance. Hydrates the skin and stimulates cellular regeneration. Significantly reduces levels of Cortisol in the skin."  Available online or at Sephora or Nordstrom's for $70.

What did you think?  Have you ever done yoga?  If so, you know at the end when you do savanasa and then, when you sit up how you feel completely at ease?  Like you're unstressed and completely recharged?  Yeah...that's how the White Lotus Mask made my skin feel.

The mask has a very different texture than most facial masks.  It is not thick; it doesn't feel like it's drying and caking and cracking on your face.  It brushes on very lightly...almost like a cream rather than a mask.  The scent is interesting and pleasant (lotus-y!), and the whole experience of using the mask is enjoyable.  Using a facial mask means forced relaxation, and you'll want to languish in that downtime with the White Lotus mask.

Everything about this product whispers luxury.  The box it comes in is lovely.  The booklet (with the instructions) is glossy and enticing.  The brush?  Yup, high quality...just like the mask.

Final verdict?  I love this product. Sure, I don't love, love the price, but that's life.  This mask made my skin feel like it had taken a deep, cleansing breath and was left feeling all zen and chill.  So, so nice!

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