Monday, February 07, 2011

Battle of the Body Scrubs!

Alright! After taking an unscheduled--but apparently much needed--break from blogging, I'm back. And I'm very much behind! I have a ton of beauty products to tell you about, so be sure to swing by this week. I'll have new content up regularly, unless all hell breaks loose!

Since yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday (confession: I have never--and never plan to--watch a Super Bowl game.  Sorry!) and we're in a competitive mood, I thought I'd have two body scrubs go head-to-head today.

Let's meet our body scrub combatants:
  • Arbonne Aromassentials Unwind Sea Salt Scub
  • Repechage Pomegranate Cran-Apple All-Over Body Scrub
And let's see how they measure up:

Both scrubs are meant to be used in the shower, on the entire body. Both were easy to apply and rinsed off easily.  It's a draw for this category.

Arbonne: Clean, slightly flowery but not distractingly so.  The scent seems to last a while on the skin, so you'll smell good well after your shower.
Repechage: It smells yummy! Very much like a fruit smoothy!  It's filled with pomegranate and cran-apple, so I was expecting it to be cloyingly fruity.  Thankfully, it's not.  The fruit smoothy aspect is mild and pleasant, and doesn't linger.
Advantage: For me, I prefer Repechage, though there was nothing wrong with the Arbonne scent.  Since I wear perfume, I don't like to have too many scent layers on at one time.  The Arbonne is nice--especially if you're not planning on adding any scented lotions.  But if you do, you may want to stick with the Repechage since it won't compete with other products.

Arbonne: The product is a bit watery, with chunks of salt mixed in.  It's easy to scoop out of the jar and a little seems to go a long way.  Since it's salt based, it's a bit rougher on the skin (though it's by no means harsh!).
Repechage: This one seems sticky almost--kinda gooey.  It was a bit more challenging to get out of the jar--it seemed to fight me!--but once I got it out, it was easy to use.  This seems to be a very mild scrub, which is good for those with more sensitive skin.
Advantage: Slight advantage to Arbonne, simply because I thought the Repechage was a bit goopy.

Arbonne: Like many salt-based body products, I found the Arbonne scrub to be a bit oily.  When I rinsed off, the water beaded up on my skin, like I had been waxed down!  If my skin were exceedingly dry, all that additional moisture might be beneficial.  Arbonne left my skin very soft and scented.
Repechage: With this product, my skin is just as soft as the Arbonne.  It feels a little less aggravated, and there's no lingering fragrance.
Advantage: Both do an admirable job of softening skin, but I am giving the edge to Repechage since I am not the biggest fan of the oil associated with a salt scrub.

Arbonne: This appears to be a limited edition much so that I had a hard time finding a place to buy it from.  I've heard that people have had issues with Arbonne consultants and that they're a bit sketchy to deal with.  Since I received this (and the Repechage scrub) for free to try out, I am not factoring in any of these issues I've read about into the review. does seem that it may be tough to track this product down, and it appears to cost just under $25 for 5 ounces (for a 5-pack...I think. Again, this is not clear to me!).
Repechage: This product is readily available at spas and online.  It retails for about $30 for a 10.5 ounce jar and is currently on sale for $23.98.
Advantage: The hands down winner in this case is Repechage!

If I were to purchase either of these products in the future, I'd go with the Repechage.  Both products are very nice...don't get me wrong...but for me, Repechage is the clear favorite.  I really like the non-sweet, not overbearing fruity scent and the gentle approach to scrubbing away dead skin cells.  Plus they incorporate all organic fruit products in the scrub, so that's a nice little bonus.

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