Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Woes: Not-So Perfect Fingernails

Out of the way, buster!  I'm the one in need of a manicure!
Every Winter, I seem to deal with two nail problems: 1) peeling, messed fingernails and 2) stained nails thanks to wearing dark nail polish.  So how can I beat these two problems?

Cold, dry weather is a beast...and it seems to do extra damage to our lovely little fingernails.  Like dry skin, the best bet is to add as much moisture as possible.  Morning and night, slather on a rich hand moisturizer, making sure to massage it into your nails.  At night, go an extra  step and throw on a pair of gloves to help lock the moisture in.  That should soften up and revitalize both hands AND nails! 

If that doesn't work, make sure you're getting enough protein, calcium, and vitamins in your diet.  Take a multi-vitamin once a day to be certain you're getting everything your body needs.  Other things to consider: take care when doing the dishes.  Get some rubber gloves to help you out, and while you're at it: avoid exposure to harsh cleaning agents and extremes in temperature.  Sounds like gloves are going to be my hands' and nails' best friends!  Also, make the switch to nail polishes that do NOT contain nasty things like toluene, formaldehyde, or DBPs.

Since mid-October, I've been painting my nails every Sunday...usually with a super dark color.  Now?  I've removed all my polish to give my nails a rest, and I see that my nail beds have a distictive yellow tint.  Nice.  Here's what to do:
  • Before using a dark color, try a clear base coat.  This will help reduce the amount of color that leeches into your nails.
  • Try rubbing lemon over the nails to remove the yellow tint.  This sounds painful since I have the horrible habit of picking at the skin around my nails--I have tons of little nicks and cuts and I can only imagine how wonderful lemon would feel in them.  Eek.
  • Check out the steps outlined here.  The idea of peroxide makes sense....though sounds a little scary.  Still--it might just work.
Maybe I just need a really good paraffin treatment and a decent manicure!

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peachy said...

ugh! So lucky I live in a tropical country ;)