Monday, January 24, 2011

I Need More Time!

I love the beach in the Winter.  Photo by me!
Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Wow--I feel like 2011 is flying by.  It seems like every weekend is super busy, and this last weekend was no exception.  I was at the beach with the Mister and made myself unplug--from my email, twitter, facebook, etc. Also, since I was at the beach, the last thing I worried about was my makeup.  When I was packing for my getaway, I only grabbed a mascara and some powder.  Apart from that (and a little gloss!), I was au naturale.

I swear, I can't go anywhere without's my go-to product.

Anyway...I digress.  The point of this message is to say that I might be posting slowly this week, only because I just haven't had much time lately.  I do have TONS to tell you about.  In coming days, look for posts on:
  • Valentine's Day tips--makeup ideas, skin care, etc. to get you ready for 2/14 (which, by the way, is just around the corner.  AND Valentine's Day is a mere 2 days before my birthday.  Ugh!)
  • A lovely, zen-inducing face mask
  • A super compact beauty collection to make you look good on the go
  • new Beauty Products of the Week (I've been slack on these lately, but have a bunch of products to review)
  • Nail care product review
  • More cures for Winter Woes
  • ...and much, much more.
I'll be back to normal posts in no time.  Hang in there!  In the meantime, tell me what your go-to beauty product is.  If you were on a deserted island and could only have one product, what would it be?

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