Monday, January 10, 2011

Age-Busting Tips from Women's Health

For many of us, a new year means undergoing a lot of personal assessments.  We think about ways we want to improve our bodies, our finances, our lives, and our looks.  Even if we're not planning huge changes, we often want, at least, to rejuvenate our looks for a fresh, new start.

The first step is to kick signs of aging—many that can be surprisingly unexpected. Women’s Health magazine highlights four under-the-radar areas women should treat early to radiate youth.  Take a glance and enjoy!

Yellow Teeth and Receding Gums: Bacteria and dark drinks cause enamel stains, while plaque results in receding gums. Bring back a younger smile with a timeless trick: floss daily, no excuses! Also, keep your pearly whites glowing by keeping disposable toothbrushes on hand and using whitening strips every six months.

Thin Hair: Hormonal changes, diet, and inadequate levels of iron in the bloodstream thin out hair with age. Save your locks’ thickness and shine by taking multivitamins rich in amino acids and B vitamins. Last resort options like a Rogaine prescription or precision laser hair therapy also boost hair growth.

Sparse, Brittle Eyelashes: Eyelashes grow sparse with age, whether through excessive rubbing or naturally slower growth. Invest in eyelash enhancing serums offered at drugstores to improve resiliency. Old mascara also lends to weak, brittle ends— replace mascara every 90 days and remove eye makeup at night.

Dry, Rough Nails and Damaged Cuticles: Age, frequent hand washing, and overexposure to cold temperatures rob skin and nails of moisture—especially as women age. Hydrate hands with petroleum-based creams and massage cuticle oils into the nail beds to prevent breakage.

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