Monday, November 01, 2010

Winterize Your Skin!

Now that Halloween is officially over, it's time to think about what's just around the corner: the holiday season and cold, winter weather.  With winter comes dry skin and frizzy, right?  Well, November is "National Healthy Skin Month" and it's a good time to start up a winter skin regiment. 

Here are some tips for getting your skin looking good as we head into the dark days of winter:
  • Maintain year-round sun protection.  Just because you're not planning on hitting the beach doesn't mean that you should be skimping on the SPF.  The sun is out every day, all year long, and those UV-rays promote pre-mature aging at best, skin cancer at worst.  Find a product you like and apply it to all exposed skin every single matter what!
  • Moisturize more.  With the heat on, our inside air is very dry.  Going outside in the cold air and winter wind can lead to chapping.  Skin is starved for moisture, so be sure to moisturize in the morning, after your shower when your pores are open.
  • Avoid super hot showers and baths.  This is impossible for me!  But hot showers do result in overly dry skin.  If you can turn the hot water back a bit, do it!  Your skin will be thankful.
  • Exfoliate!  Using an exfoliating product regularly will slough off nasty dead skin cells.
  • Add some fats to your diet.  Increasing omega-3s (found in fish like salmon) and flaxseed will help combat dryness from the inside out.
  • Don't forget your hands, feet, and lips.  For hands and feet that are stubbornly dry, try applying moisturizer then a pair of gloves or socks before bed.  Lips should be exfoliated regularly...and try to find a lip balm that contains SPF.  You can get skin cancer on your lips, after all.
Those are my tips...if you have anything to add, be sure to leave a comment!

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You have great tips :) Im really into your posts, Im probably going to try to read them all :) anyways... Im new to blogspot and was looking for other makeup junkies i could relate to... glad i found you! Check out my blog, thanks!