Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tool Time: BrushLab Black Label Hair Brush

One of the more expensive beauty products out there is this:
A Mason Pearson nylon and boar bristle brush.  A brush like this could set you back $100 or more easily.

But!  You can save yourself some big-time cash while getting a kick ass brush.  Check out this:
A Black Label hair brush from BrushLab.  Like the Mason Pearson, the Black Label brushes feature a single nylon quill surrounded by tufts of natural boar bristles.  Brushes like this smooth out the hair making it ready for styling and finishing.  The nylon controls the shape and style of the hair while the boar bristles add shine and a polished finish. 

I received two Black Label brushes to try out...and I LOVE them!  They feel good on your scalp when you brush and they really do make your hair look and feel smoother...more finished. 

The Black Label brushes from BrushLab are a great alternative to the Mason Pearson brushes.  Better yet, the Black Labels will set you back about $20.  These would make a great gift for one of your fashionable friends!

Check out the Black Label brushes at www.brushlove.com or at your local Ulta.

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