Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Style Tips for Mere Mortals

I mentioned last week that I have a heck of a time styling my hair.  For my every day look, I just part my hair in the middle, dry it using a round brush, and let the hair fall where it may.  If I'm feeling fussy, I'll hit my locks with a flat iron.  When I'm working out, I throw it back into a messy ponytail (if I am feeling ambitious...I usually just let it flop around!).  But for me to attempt something more technically skilled than flat ironed hair takes hours of work, the uttering of countless curse words, and still...I never feel like my hair looks as good as it should. 

Yes, I can paint my face up like a pro, but when it comes to doing my hair, I am something of a spaz.  So...I've been searching all over the interwebs and have pulled together some hair styling tips that I think even I can pull off.  Here you go...if you have anything to add, be sure to leave me a comment!
  • To give hair more body: blow it straight with a round brush.  Use large hot rollers and coil small sections of hair under, rolling them up.  Let hot rolls stay in several minutes before removing.  Use a paddle brush to brush curls into big waves.
  • For sexy, messy hair: Scrunch up large sections of damp hair with your hand while blow drying to fluff up the hair (just don't burn your hand in the process!)
  • Create a neat knot: Tease hair at the crown before gathering back.  Use a brush to smooth out the front and sides, and pull a few strands out to frame your face.
  • Switch it up!  The easiest way to change your look is to change your part.  Try changing sides, or go for a center part for something new.  This will give you more lift at your roots!
  • Use a bobby pin: Part hair on one side then slide a bobby pin at the opposite side at the spot that lines up above the arch of your eyebrow. Cover the pin with a little hair from farther back on the crown or look for a bobby pin with a little bling to dress up your look.
  • Embellish it!  Slide on a fancy hair band, tuck in a sparkly flower or hair accessory and viola! Your hair is instantly flashier.
  • Change up your ponytail: Either try a very high ponytail, a low side swept one, or wrap some hair around the elastic to cover it up.  You can also curl your ponytail or (if you're more skilled than I!) wrap it up into a chignon.
There you have it...a few quick and easy tips for hair styling.  If you have a favorite trick, leave a comment!

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