Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Never Have a Bad Hair Dye

When done right, dyed hair looks shiny, healthy, and compliments your overall look.  When done bad...well...I think we've all seen what happens when bad dye happens to good people.

Here are some hints for hair color from the Rita Hazan, hair maven over at  Consider this the top 10 hair color screw ups, if you will:

Tip #1 You shouldn't over-highlight to blend gray. The highlights are an accent to the color, not a color themselves.

Tip #2 Colors that are too beige or ashy don't complement skin tones. Try using gold or warm tones, this gives the skin a more youthful, healthy glow.

Tip #3 Too solid of one color can look too dense.

Tip #4 Too light of one color can wash you out! Too dark can turn scary. Too red can be too clowny. So try to stay away from the extremes.

Tip #5 Don't forget the conditioner! There are very lightweight conditioners out there if you are concerned with weighing your hair down. Conditioner keeps your hair healthy and shiny.

Tip #6 Don't have the same hair color for years! Every season you need to change the tone a little bit, this way, you will never get stuck in a rut.

Tip #7 Following trends can be hard. Add a touch of a trend but nothing stripey or chunky.

Tip #8 Roots are simply never sexy.

Tip #9 Two-tone hair: Do not walk around with half your head one color and half another color. If you are growing out your hair, darken it first.

Tip #10 Don't get too creative with your color, less is more in hair color!

And there you have it!  My worst hair color disaster (apart from unnatural colors like purple, blue, etc.): dying my hair caramel.  The color was too wishy-washy and just faded away in a matter of a few washings (and it wasn't a cheap mistake, of course!).

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