Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Good Clean Fun!

Every day, I take a long, hot shower and clean myself off using body wash.  I don't have any loyalty to a particular brand--I usually just buy whatever is on sale, use it up, and buy something else.  I haven't used a bar soap in quite awhile...bars sometimes dry my skin out.

However, I recently received a new bar of soap from Wembe to test out.  Wembe makes some amazing products: their soaps are eco-friendly and are derived from natural products.  Their corporate vision is pretty awesome: Nature compliments the human soul and envelops it with health beauty and happiness.

The soap I received from Wembe is their Black Clay bar.  It's an exfoliating soap that has a somewhat medicinal scent.  It helps to stimulate blood circulation, improve smoothness, and remove impurities from the skin.  It's like a mini-spa treatment right in your own bathtub! And it's a perfect bar to add to your shower if you want to work on winterizing your skin (as I mentioned in yesterday's post!).

It contains black clay from Paraguay, a product that is rich in essential oils due to the vegetable clays origin.  This soap can be used on any skin type, but is especially good on oily skin and it works best as a body scrub.  Exfoliating regularly eliminates dead skin cells, cleanses the body and improves the complexion.
The makers of Wembe refer to Black Clay as a "little mud bath in a bar" and they offer the following suggestions on how to get the ultimate experience with this soap:
  • Get the shower temperature hot (Not too hot !, Just warm enough to open up your pores).
  • After this, make sure you scrub your body down with the black clay bar, enough to make a nice looking lather. Allow the your skin to really absorb all the good properties our soap has to offer.
  • Once you are all lathered up, you take the final step and plunge into your reasonably hot/warm and steamy shower and rinse the lather off.
Results: Super smoothed and deeply cleansed skin, an experience like no other. For those who have acne, skin blemishes or scars, this treatment can't go wrong!

If you want to try this out for yourself, I highly recommend you head over to Wembe's site to check out Black Clay and their other nature-inspired products.  I like this soap quite a bit--it left my skin smooth and feeling good!


Hannah said...

This sounds lush, like a spa treatment or something. :)

Sister Amber said...

I used to get some really nice organic soaps, but I forgot where I got it from! This is a good site to check out to try to find some more!