Monday, November 29, 2010

Get to Know: Napoleon Perdis

Note: I'll start getting holiday posts soon enough...this week I'm going to introduce you to some brands!

Like you, I am always on the lookout for new beauty products and companies to try out.  Lately, I've been seeing fun looking products from Napoleon Perdis at my local Ulta and I was lucky enough to get some samples from the company to try out.

A little background first: Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics comes from Australia and the company bears the name of a self-taught makeup from Sydney who's come to LA to work his magic.  Napoleon believes that applying makeup should not be difficult--his goal is to demystify the process and to transform runway and red carpet looks to reality. Nice goal!  Napoleon further believes that makeup should enhance your natural look--not alter the real you.

The Napoleon Perdis line includes everything you need to get a full face of makeup.  Here are three of my faves:
  • Palette Patrol, $15: This is a great product to introduce yourself to NP...and I personally love a good palette!  This one includes three eyeshadows, three lipglosses, a bronzer, brush, and mini-applicator inside a mirrored box.  The shades are ideal for daytime and the compact packaging is great for us gals on the go!
  • Eyebrow Pencil, $18: A brow pencil is a beauty essential, but it's one that's easy to overlook.  I like the NP brow pencil because it has a great texture.  It's easy to use (a light touch is all you need) and it really fills in thin areas in a snap.  A finished brow makes a look that much better, and a good brow pencil like this can really do the trick!
  • Auto-Pilot Pre-Foundation Primer, $39: This is a bit pricey, but most good primers seem to put a dent in your wallet!  A little goes a long way, so a tube should last you a while.  This is a lightweight primer that glides on effortlessly.  It helps to even out both skin tone and surface, making foundation application easier and better.  This is one of NP's top selling products for a reason!
Napoleon Perdis products are available at Ulta, online, and at Target (where they have a nice line of NP body products I have yet to try out).


Katie said...

I've tried all kinds of primers and I really like the NP one. I received a sample of it from ordering online at Ulta. I'm quite picky with primers since I have really dry skin, but this didn't irritate it or make it worse; it just felt very soft and smooth.

Saria Rin said...

I've never really used a primer, does it make your make-up more vibrant? I bought BB cream recently, so I guess maybe that'll count as primer.

I'll try out your product, though! :)

Anonymous said...

Primer will allow your makeup to go on smoother and last much longer. I started using primer about a year ago and now I can't go without. My fave is definitely napoleon perdis primer.

rosehip skincare said...

That’s very interesting! I haven't seen these around yet. I love gel liners. This is really a lovely product!! I prefer liquid because of the clean precise line I can achieve!
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