Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Get to Know: Kiss My Face

I've long thought of Kiss My Face as being a crunchy, hippie personal care company.  After all, it was founded by two vegetarians who were on a mission to find healthy body care products.  Kiss My Face is committed to using natural, organic ingredients to create their cruelty-free products.  Because I've dismissed Kiss My Face as a sort of hippie-dippy company, I never really tried their products.

Silly me!  Kiss My Face has some really good products...and their eco-friendly, cruelty free stance is a huge plus.  Be on the lookout for their new line of skin care products in the start of the new year (available in January at Whole Foods).  Their Potent and Pure Organic Face Care line is worth a look.  It includes:
  • Clean for a Day, $15: a creamy face cleaner that is soap-free and non-drying.  
  • Startup, $15: an exfoliating cleanser that contains natural fruit alpha hydroxy acids for gentle exfoliation.
  • Brightening Day Creme, $23: a cream that includes SPF to help protect from the sun's damaging rays.
  • Night Creme, $23: a cream that provides extra moisturizing power along with detoxificaiton.
  • Underage, $21: a "mega-moist" blend of organic botanicals and vitamins that will smooth lines and nourish skin.
Kiss My Face is a great brand to get to know if you're concerned about organic ingredients, animal testing, etc.  Their new skin care line will leave your face looking good and your conscious clean!  Check it out at Whole Foods in January.

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phairhead said...

Kiss My Face has great lip balma as well, try the peach flavour