Monday, November 15, 2010

Curl Up and DYE!

A blurry photo of me and my crazy roots.  They look worse in real life!
If you saw me right now, you'd scoff at the idea that I'm a beauty blogger.  My roots are INSANE!

I haven't had a cut or a color since (at least) July, and I have no plans to get in and see my girl any time soon.  I usually have my hair bleached out to a perfect white-platinum shade.  This is a hair color that requires regular upkeep, but because I am trying to save money and haven't found the time to get into the salon, my hair has grown considerably.  My roots are taking over and any trace of platinum is long gone.  My hair is brassy at the ends, darker at the roots, and is a hot mess in general.

Ugh.  Sometimes I wish I never got into the habit of dying my hair at all!

Here's a quick poll for you since I'm curious and since I am contemplating dying my hair myself, something I used to do before developing the platinum habit!  Please take a second to answer.  Oh, and if you haven't noticed, yes!  Hair Week is continuing this week as well.

When it comes to dying my hair, I...
Only trust my color to a professional.
Do it myself! Why pay someone else to do it?
Only go to the salon if I can afford it. Otherwise, I do it myself.
Don't dye my hair at all. I'm all natural!

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1 comment:

Katie said...

I stopped dying my hair a little over a year ago. It really took a beating from all the years of flat ironing, blow drying, coloring. I've been bad because I haven't gotten a haircut since MAY! Ahhh! I went yesterday though, and my hair dresser said I have so much new growth and I bet it's probably because I stopped laying the smack down on my hair.

Whatever you decide, good luck!