Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beauty Product of the Week: Grow Luscious Mascara

What is it? Revlon's Grow Luscious Mascara is a "lash enhancing formula that complements the natural growth cycle of your lashes and improves their overall appearance and condition with each use.  Lashes not only look instantly longer and lusher, they will also grow stronger day after day.  Includes an oversized lash-extending brush." Available at drugstores and big box stores for less than $8 a tube (I think I got it for about $5.50 on sale at Ulta!).

What did you think?  I do a LOT of mascara reviews.  And I'm fickle with my opinion.  Sometimes I love a tube only to hate it the next time I use it.  As of late, I have not been overly loyal to any one brand.  I'll bounce from a high-end, ultra expensive brand to a dirt cheap drugstore tube without batting an eye.  Sure, I have my favorites, but I no longer have a go-to mascara.  I guess I'm something of a mascara whore--I'll try anything once!

That doesn't mean that mascara is not important to me.  Far from it.  It's probably my favorite beauty product and I'd gladly forgo other eye products (like liner, etc.) as long as my mascara was perfectly applied.  Ideally, mascara gives you fuller, longer lashes and a better defined overall eye shape.  When it goes bad, though, it can be a clumpy mess.

I had mediocre hopes for Revlon's new lash conditioning Grow Luscious mascara.  I did not get it for it's promise to "grow" my lashes.  I got it because I wanted to try Revlon again (I hated the last mascara I tried from Revlon--their horribly awful Double Twist Mascara). 

So far, I think Grow Luscious is pretty decent.  My lashes look better with the mascara on then off, so it's doing something right.  It's dark and makes my lashes longer and slightly fuller.  I have not noticed any benefit in my lashes growing, but I think it will take some time for that to show.

The negatives?  The brush is big, big, big.  This is both good and bad.  Good because it's quick to apply....bad because it can be a bit messy.  I've noticed that I have to be careful not to get little smudges of mascara on my eyelids (I HATE THAT!).  Apart from that, it's completely, totally adequate.

The final verdict?  This is not a game-changing mascara.  It won't knock your socks off with the amazing length/thickness you get from it.  No.  Instead it will give you a decent look for a decent price.  It won't flake off and it will last a good long time.  It's a perfectly lovely, if unexciting, product.  And a huge step up from that pathetic Double Twist!


Hannah said...

Good review. I adore High Impact Mascara Clinique £14.50, it's smudge proof. ♥

nicoletta said...

Great review, there are sooo many mascaras out there no days to choose from it's a minefield lol x

organic foundation said...

I love the glow luscious mascara it makes my lashes look great.
i usually like to stick to organic makeup like after glow but i loved your product.