Monday, September 27, 2010

Money, Money, Money...

My grandmother, Gaga, looking fabulous as always!
Gaga, my grandmother, used to say that if money (or lack there of!) was your only problem, you had no problems at all.  In some respects, I tend to agree with Gaga's sage words.  But when I'm trying to balance my checkbook or if I'm saving up for a large purchase, it seems like money is the only problem...and it's a big one. 


Last week, I had a poll where I asked you how much you spend each month on beauty products--and just products.  I didn't ask about hair cuts, nail care, facials, etc. 

Most people said they spend between $51-$100 a month on cosmetics/skin care products.  While that may not seem like a ton of money, over the course of a year, you'll spend $612 to $1200 to buy products to make yourself look pretty.  Again, that may not seem like a ton, but it does add up.  I wonder how much money a woman spends in her lifetime on lipsticks, eye shadows, etc....wait!  Maybe I don't want to know.

The amount of money I spend each month on products varies wildly.  Some months, it's well over $100.  Other months it's closer to $0.  You'd probably be surprised that I don't buy tons of beauty products and that I, a beauty blogger, sometimes feel like it's all just too much.  When I feel that way, I ask myself: do I really need another bottle of nail polish?  But then there are other times when I can't get enough--I have to have every new product hitting the market.  And I justify my purchases by considering them "research."  So sad.

But I digress--I'm glad to see that you aren't spending insane amounts of money on makeup.  In the long run?  I think you'd do better investing in Estee Lauder stock than buying Estee Lauder products.  What do I know?

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