Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do or Don't: Celebrity Endorsed Products

It seems like every time you turn around (or, I should say: every time you turn the page of a fashion magazine!) a new "celebrity" perfume hits the market.  Whether it's Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely, Prince's Get Wild,  JLo's JLo Glow, or Miss Piggy's Moi, it seems like if you're a celebrity in any form, there's going to be a scent marketed with your name and face on it.  Because they're so prevalent...and because there's probably a ton of money involved in the celebrity fragrance doesn't seem like the trend of celebs hawking scents is going anywhere anytime soon.

Recently, Total Beauty ran a piece about the best and worst celebrity perfumes.  The fave?  Hilary Duff's With Love (a scent I have in my collection--one that I actually kind of like!).  The worst? M by Mariah Carey.

Here's my question for you this week: does celebrity endorsement of a fragrance help or hurt?  Or does it depend entirely on the celebrity?  My take?  I normally shy away from celeb scents. I want to smell like classic, good flowers, nature, woods, etc....I don't want to smell like Britney Spears, thank you very much.  I avoid celebrity perfumes and never really give them a chance.  I'd rather have the scent speak for itself without putting me in the "OMG, I'm a huge Gwen Stefani fan so of course I wear L.A.M.B." camp.

Ultimately, fragrance selection is hugely personal and who am I to judge? If you love, love, love Electric Youth (Debbie Gibson!), then rock on with your bad self.  Me?  I'll stick with my non-celebrity endorsed scents.


phairhead said...

Holy cow! I forgot about Electric Youth. I vaguely remember it being overly sweet

Katie said...

I would never buy something just because a celeb's name is tagged to it. It seems like they're not just making perfumes, but now they have makeup lines, clothing lines, and restaurants too. I won't say that I won't buy something because their name is on it, but I definitely won't buy it for that reason alone. By the way, my grandma used to wear White Diamonds and frankly, I'm glad she's over it.

Shayamli Mehrotra said...

I completely agree, non celeb endorsed > celeb endorsed. I feel as if celebrity endorsements really cheapen products.