Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Do or Don't: Big Hair

I've been flipping through what feels like (and probably is!) thousands of pages of fashion magazines lately (thanks to all the September issues).  In my reading, I've been bombarded with trends for the fall and winter.  In one of the mags, they featured big hair. 

To get big hair, the magazine (I think it was Glamour) suggested boosting hair by doing the following:
  • Add volume, carefully.  Instead of making hair wider or higher, pick just one.  They suggest going with wider hair if your face is long; higher hair if your face is round.
  • Add width by making spirals with a curing iron, working from the bottom layers up.  Follow this by fingercombing and letting top hair fall flat.
  • Add height by teasing the crown area with a fine-toothed comb.  Smooth out the front up and over the teased section--pin the sides back and spray.
If none of these work, I suppose you could always pick up a Bumpits.

So: what do you think of the big hair trend?  Is it something you would try out?  Or do you think it looks ridiculous?  Here's my take: I prefer the high look over the wide look, but I don't think I could personally rock either look.  Big hair can look cool on the catwalk and if done right for an event, but for every day?  Meh.  It's too fussy.

What do you think?  Leave a comment!


phairhead said...

I read that article, I like the reinvented big hair. It reminds of the girl groups from the '60's. I personally would never wear it

iheartmakeup said...

I like big hair.. in a way, not like in the picture lol. I love how it looks when people have a lot of volume at their roots or top of the head.. I just never feel like taking the time to do it myself :-/